Email Marketing: 5 Reasons to Build Your List Now

Email Marketing

Email Marketing – The Top 5 Reasons to Build Your Email List Now

Email Marketing

There are several marketing tools at your disposal across the internet. Social Media Marketing, Google Marketing Platform, and many more. One of the most effective, yet deemed past its time, is email marketing. It provides a direct and personal connection to the client. There’s so much to gain by having the ability to reach across the internet and right into a clients inbox. So with that in mind, here are some very effective email marketing techniques along with why email is still the go-to marketing strategy in 2021.

High Conversion Rates

One of the principal reasons why email marketing is still one of the best forms of marketing is the high conversion rates. This means that the various forms of email marketing, like the ones covered in this article, reap lots of benefits when they are implemented correctly.

Email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) of any other current marketing strategy out there. It amounts to roughly $40 for everyone $1 spent. Email is also expected to increase in the coming years. Just take a look at the chart below — as you can see, conversion rates hit an all time high in 2020 and is still showing early signs of being great by the end of 2021 too. A smartly executed email strategy can bring you more customers or strengthen the existing one you already have. Emailing is a very useful tool and like all tools how well you use it will be be indicative of your success.

email marketing

A Gateway of Trust

The very foundation of email marketing is trust. When someone gives you their email, they are giving you a personal connection to something they check everyday. Most likely several times a day. This grants you an opportunity to have a relationship with that prospective customer. One of the best ways to obtain this gateway is to offer something for it.

For example, if you provide a service you can offer a free quote if they just provide their email. Or if you have a list of products, they can sign up for coupons or get the latest updates if they simply provide their email. With this exchange they can see your prices and get something for simply allowing you to speak with them directly. It’s this trust that help you build a great and lasting partnership.

Personalized Message

Email marketing gives you the chance to make the email personalized to your client. You can start by simply using the clients name. If they have purchased from you before, you can reference the past purchase history and suggest what else they might be interested in from your goods or services. You can also detail the message so it can speak to their gender or location. There’s a lot of little touches you can add to make this message seem more personal and unique instead of broad and generic.

Run Automated Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns are a set of automated emails the are scheduled to go out at a certain time and contain certain content. They take the idea of an email news letter and build upon it. Email news letters are great but new customers only see the most current news letter you send out. With the drip campaign, you tap into certain parameters that you set up. Take Amazon as an example.

If a customer leaves an item in their cart or saves it for later, Amazon will reach out to the customer automatically to both remind them of the item in their cart, plus recommend other similar items. With these kinds of campaigns, you can utilize the information given to you and further build a relationship with a customer, automatically. Drip campaigns can be daunting to set up but they are rich in their rewards — they also push people along the buying cycle, without you having to be involved at all. We look at it like selling to your base, even while you sleep.

Target New Audiences

Email marketing is a great way to target new audiences. The best example of this would be to use your list to build custom and lookalike audiences in Facebook or Google. Once you upload your list to one of these platforms, Facebook & Google can use those contacts to build new audiences. For example: Let’s say you have a list of customers who have bought from you before. You can upload that list and tell Facebook or Google to build you a new, expanded list of audience members who ‘look like’ the list you uploaded — hence the word, lookalike audience. It takes a section of your current subscribers, customers or website visitors and it targets those with similar interests — genius right?

It uses various factors such as age, gender, interests and behaviors. It takes all the data available to it and builds an audience of people who are most likely to convert — the end result — an audience who is very similar to your current customers, visitors, or subscribers.

In conclusion, email is still very much alive and well in the marketing world. As outlined above, there are still several useful marketing strategies and plans you can employ to up your following, engage your customers, and build lasting relationships. You can reach audiences you thought were perhaps out of your range or grow an existing base further than you previously could. Email is a wonderful starting point to a fruitful association. This is why you need to start building your list now.